sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

So this is my favourite fabulous bikini slection... Check it out!

This season is coming sooo cool, love the fringes, crochet details, boho, indie, sexy Brazilian bottoms and lots of orange, pink, blue, yellow... omg, just look at this:

 Acacia Swimwear

Mara Hoffman

Ani Bikinis


Hermosa Bikinis


Anita O

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

You think you are not the "winning " kind... till u win!

I am usually that kind of person who participates in every contest but just for the adrenaline of the moment, coz probably I won't win.. But... Look at this!!! I am so happy about my Vitamin A Bikini!! Yes, Yes, Yesss, Its mine!!

Thank you Annabelle Fleur from VivaLuxury.blogspot.com Can't wait to wear it!
Beach Moves

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Whatever you do, just make sure you enjoy it! 

Hi everyone, Im Anita, pleasure to meet u, pleasure u meet me ;)

Ok So Ive been traveling and living in several diffrent countries for the past years. Im not sure which laguage to use now, so Ill start with english just coz the statistics says its the most worlwide language, and depending on the feedback Ill be switching between spanish (my native one, Im Argentinean) and portuguese, (my latest adopted one). Please don't be too demanding on my spelling! I ll try to make it understandable ;)

Y Mucho Aloha | Anita O

What I like in a couple of images

To walk on the beach....

Play around with stuff I found on my way...

 Yes I like to drink beer!

Surfing, and pretend I ll be like Sofia Mulanovich one day

Quality of time with my loved ones

Tigers, oh I love them!

Animals, all of them, I dont discriminate

Ok snakes are not my favs... but gotta givem a chance, right?

Campervans oh yeah baby! take me to the end of the woooorld!